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Anyone 18 years of age or older needs to have a Health Care Power of Attorney. If something should happen that were to leave you incapacitated and you do not have this form completed, your loved ones do not have any authority to speak on your behalf. The Court would then step in and appoint a Guardian that the Judge will pick. It is better for you to be able to make that choice than leave it up to a stranger to decide. Attorney Timothy Crawford strongly urges you to print and complete this form and is providing it to for you FREE.  Just click on the link above for your FREE Health Care Power of Attorney Kit. This kit includes two (2) Health Care Powers of Attorney forms together with instructions on how to pick your agents, on how to sign, what to do with your Health Care Power of Attorney once it has been signed.

View the Catholic Addendum for Wisconsin Health Care Powers of Attorney Below

Click Here For: Catholic Addendum to Wisconsin Power of Attorney For Healthcare

If you would desire to add the Catholic Addendum to your Wisconsin Power of Attorney for Healthcare,  you would  simply staple it to the back of the health care power of attorney at the same time you are signing a power of attorney and sign this form at the same time and have the two witnesses who signs your health care power of attorneyalso sign this.

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