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Health Care Power of Attorney Form (State Form)

State of Wisconsin Health Care Power of Attorney Form. Just click the link above to print this form.

Attorney Timothy Crawford's FREE Health Care Power of Attorney Kit 
Anyone 18 years of age or older needs to have a Health Care Power of Attorney. If something should happen that were to leave you incapacitated and you do not have this form, your loved ones do not have any authority to speak on your behalf. The Court would then step in and appoint a guardian of their choice. It is better for you to be able to make that choice, then leaving it up to a stranger to decide. Attorney Timothy Crawford strongly urges you to print and complete this kit and is providing it to you FREE of charge.  Just click on the link above for your FREE Health Care Power of Attorney Kit. This kit includes two (2) Health Care Powers of Attorneys, instructions on how to sign, instructions on what to do with your Health Care Power of Attorney once it has been signed, how to pick your agents, etc.

Financial Power of Attorney Order Form and Helpful Hints
Without a Level III™ Planning Type Financial Power of Attorney, if you become incompetent, your loved ones would need to go to Court. The Probate Court Judge could select a total stranger to run your financial affairs. By signing this document, you get to select who you want to run your financial matters if you are unable to do so. You could save you thousands of dollars by taking 10 minutes to do this planning now.
Information My Loved Ones Will Need to Arrange My Funeral - Directions and Form
This form should be completed to make sure that your loved ones are aware of what you want to have happen as far as your funeral arrangements are concerned. Don't leave it to chance.  You should decide how you want to have your funeral conducted. Simply fill out this form and give copies to your loved ones and to the funeral director.

This form allows you to name the person that will have the authority to make sure your instructions to your funeral director are followed.

This is a form where you authorize a loved one to obtain medical information from the hospital/doctor while you are alive and competent.

What To Do About My Pets - Directions

What To Do With My Computer Passwords - Directions