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My main office is in Racine, Wisconsin - where I was born and raised and began my practice in 1972.  If you want to check out my legal abilities I would encourage you to call any CPA listed in the Racine phone book. There are over fifty CPA's listed in the Racine phonebook. I am confident that any one of them would give me a good reference as to whether or not Tim Crawford knows how to perform asset protection planning or probate avoidance planning.
People who have used Attorney Timothy P. Crawford personally:
Gary Henseler, CPA (262) 886-5800
Barbara Pippenger, CPA (262) 634-7108
David Zupek, Financial Planner (262) 638-0224

People who know the quality of Attorney Timothy P. Crawford's legal work
Tom Harmann, CPA (262) 886-8660
Jim Pitts, Attorney (262) 631-7700
Ramas Pliura, CPA (262) 634-7108
Barbara Pippenger, CPA (262) 634-7108
Greg Zwick, Insurance Agent (414) 258-0806 ext. 34
Victor Erato, Home Instead (262) 598-0290

Pick any accountant or CPA at random from the Racine Phone Book and ask what they think about Attorney Timothy P. Crawford's ability to do Asset Protection Planning.  Ask him/her "Does Timothy P. Crawford know how to protect people's assets from the nursing home?"

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